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AdWords PPC Services

An Effective AdWords PPC Strategy – The Perfect PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Strategy!



The Perfect PPC Strategy

Your AdWords PPC Services Benefits With Us…

Affordable Pricing – From $190 / month

Quick Results & ROI in the short term

Pay per click, paid search results, Google partner sites.

20+ Years of Experience In Digital Marketing

FREE Website Audit for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

No Contract, No Commitment!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee


What is PPC?

Benefits of AdWords PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising:

Guaranteed exposure of your online presence in Google’s search results as well as other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad to be redirected to your website. You can keep an eye on your expenses & ensure that it remains under control according to your budget. It will also boost your organic SEO, hence enhancing organic CTR (Click through rates).


Why do you need PPC?

Paid search marketing is key in any PPC campaign, and it’s our responsibility to optimize your paid advertising every single week to ensure the best results for your bottom line. Our extremely effective campaigns are based on our clients’ specific marketing & overall business needs to develop marketing strategies potential customers is compelled to click on. PPC is an effective technique to get your ads published on the sponsored links section of search engines’ result pages. PPC is always evolving. Consumer intent, landscapes, technology & platforms continue to evolve and change.

NanoSoft Edit have the right people, technology and approach to ensure that your paid search activity is at the top of digital innovation and excellence. We offer a Google AdWords Campaign audit service to assess and improve the efficiency of your existing Google AdWords campaignsWe have on many occasions been able to reduce wasted spend by up to 90%. Many clients benefit from having Google AdWords certified professionals audit/ review their campaign(s) in order to maximize efficiency thereof. We will be delighted to, improve the advert copy/ content, organize the keywords into higher performing groups, trim/ cut poorly performing keywords and review the overall Google AdWords Quality Score for all your campaigns, thereby increasing your CTR (click-through rate), reducing CPC (cost per click) and your CPA (cost per acquisition).



PPC Campaign management includes:

  • Managing & tweaking bids for each campaign
  • Monitoring keyword search queries & adjusting bidding
  • Monitoring the average position, CTR or click-through-rate, and cost-per-click
  • And more optimizations for campaign improvement
  • PPC-ad-specific landing page optimizations
  • Retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns