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Do you need a reliable, trustworthy and proactive Virtual Assistant?

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Hello, I’m Caroline – My husband and I, proud parents of two wonderful kids, working as a tight-knit team and collaborating well together. And I would love to help you save precious time, decrease stress or worries that give you headaches and let you focus on more important tasks to ultimately take your business to the next level.

Does that sound good?


“Hein is an enthusiastic, motivated and hardworking individual that is always prepared to go the extra mile and help those around him. He has an extremely positive outlook on life and work. He is a team player and would be a huge asset to any organization!”

-- Morne C

“Hein is very passionate about what he does. He is dedicated to the point where he works practically around the clock. He is extremely dedicated and cares about the quality of work he produces. He also cares a great deal about his staff and clients alike.” 

-- Juanita R

“I have been working with Caroline for several years, and it’s been a true inspiration for business as she always sees the lighter side of life. Always positive about business and personal things never give up and persevering until she finds success. Very committed, determined and hardworking in everything she takes on to do. A true gem in the workplace, a great asset to the business. She is very patient overall.”

-- Hein V

Below are just a few of the many ways how we can help!

Social Media Management.

We handle and manage your Social media profiles by doing the following: Setup pages and groups; Promote new and old posts; Reply to messages, comments, etc.; Manage online communities, groups, etc. And so forth and what have you…

WordPress / CMS Management.

We manage all your Content (Text & Pictures), new pages to be added, edited… And even regular or occasional Blog posts on your website in order to keep your audience engaged and interested in your business.

Email / Calendar Management (Google Hangouts, Calendar, Gmail).

Professional / Well organized Email management for your business. We do sorting, filing, archiving and respond to emails on your behalf when you are too busy. This saves you time, stress and emotional exhaustion, so you can focus on other important areas in your business!

Proofreading / Copywriting / Content Writing.

As a professional Copywriter, Content writer and Blog writer business, we are eager to help you with any / all stages of the content production processes – We do it all. From generating blog posts, editing work and / or creating posts, email newsletters, autoresponders, reports, etc. from scratch.

General Office Administration.

MS Office applications; Data entry; Setting up spreadsheets, etc.; Preparing / Drafting slideshows / presentations; Generating forms, reports, agendas, etc.

Customer Service / Support.

It is like having your own customer service department, let us help you with customer service to your clients. Our focus is to increase customer satisfaction via your current client management system, or one that we set up ourselves via Email, Live Chat or Phone. The ball is in your court really.

Our Rates: Starting at $30 / hour.

“Since I have known Hein, he has always been hands-on and not afraid to take charge when it comes to tackling tasks. He is very organized and has amazing communication skills. He is the type of person that is naturally curious and keen to learn new skills and relevant things. Definitely a people’s person.” 

Caroline P

Why choose us?

I can save you valuable time so that you can focus more on other important and fun areas in your business. Many hands make light work.
See me as a helping hand without the hassle and red-tape of dealing with an employee and also no medical aid / insurance or any other benefits, only the hours I put in to help enhance your business and at the same time you save a lot. Together we can develop ways of how I can take over those tasks that slow you down, keep you busy and stop you from becoming even more successful.
Ready to take your business to the next level and increase your ROI and be more flexible to focus on more important tasks and activities? Start your 30-Day trial today at 50% of the normal rate for any task types… Thereafter we change to the full rate if both parties are happy.  Please feel FREE to check out our Résumé HERE!

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