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Mobile Games

From the simplest to the most complex 3D games to VR & AR games, we cater to your Mobile Games needs – The Perfect Mobile Game!



The Perfect Mobile Game!

The Benefits of having a Mobile Game designed with us is no rocket science… And can rarely be matched by our competition… Not if you want to combine High Quality, Results and Cost all at once!

Affordable Pricing – From $1000

We design any type of Mobile Game

No hidden costs

20+ Years of Experience In Mobile Games

24/7 Technical Support via Chat

No Contract, No Commitment!

Highest Quality Guarantee


What is Mobile Games?

NanoSoft Edit develops advanced 2D, 3D and isometric games in Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X, Starling, Unity, PhoneGap and HTML5 including large scale multiplayer realtime games for iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook. Your Game Idea Is Converted Into a Multi-Million Dollar Reality by Our Top Mobile Game Developers. NanoSoft Edit – a leading mobile game development company is popular for mobile game development which guarantees thrilling gaming experience to the users with flawless end to end execution.




Why do you need Mobile Games?

Mobile Game Development is different from conventional application development in the sense that it requires to bring together creativity, skill, imagination, technology and best user experience practices especially over the mobile platform which is quickly becoming the preferred choice for gaming. We design games that are visually exciting, addictive in nature and have the potential to attract users. Games developed at NanoSoft Edit, display an underlying performance rich code backed with mobile-friendly layout, making users want to interact more and more with the gaming ecosystem that we create. 

The very spirit of game development arises from the fact that gaming itself is our passion. They demand a captivating story, multiple levels, realistic environments and a complete vicarious thrill. Be it for a 2D or 3D setup, we take game development very seriously. Although 3D games are “in”, we realize well that 2D games never really go obsolete and display immense experience in designing for both with the help of Photoshop, Maya and Flash. We create an enriching game experience through remarkable techniques of visual storytelling, game modeling, lighting, animation, audio engineering, User interface designing.



Our Commitment

We have successfully delivered a number of game projects that canvas action, puzzles, strategy, arcade, casino, cards and much more. Our dynamic combination of zeal and experience has helped us mature and reach a level where we can assist you in building any kind of game however new or old the idea maybe. We have a genuine love for developing innovative ideas into the things that matter in our everyday lives. Our developers incorporate an intensive product strategy that redefines user experience. We thrive at being a one-stop digital agency to our clients. From idea of concept to product branding, we will help you all along with detailed attention to create a masterpiece.